My name is Nicolai and I am the founder of

Dately was created to help couples remember presence and time for each other in everyday life.

The idea arose in my apartment in Copenhagen in March 2020. The Corona shutdowns put a limit on which adventures my boyfriend and I could go on, and it was clear how it affected our relationship.

Like so many others, I dreamed of going out to eat again. That's why I converted my apartment into various bars and restaurants, and invited my girlfriend on Date Night at home.

During the many successful home dates, I came up with the idea for Dately:
a box that contains everything you need for the perfect date at home. From cocktails to dinner, activities, surprises, playlist and important conversations.

Now we have promised ourselves and each other that we must never forget to date!

I very much hope that you will welcome the concept and share with friends and family. If you have questions, comments or good ideas, I would love to hear from you at

You can follow my work with Dately at:
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