Trading conditions


  1. General information

Legal name: Dately ApS

CVR no.:  42162566

Address: vesterbrogade 124b 2 th.

Email address:


  1. Briefly about Dately

Dately delivers boxes with everything for the perfect date night. A box is delivered every or every other month, with everything you need for a date at home. It's everything from theme, activities, conversation cards, snacks and catering.

Date boxes can be purchased by:

  1. Members club

As a member (subscriber) of Dately boxes, you get a new, unique date box delivered on the first weekend of every or every second month. There is no obligation, and you can always skip a month or cancel your subscription (skip a month or cancel your subscription no later than the 20th of the previous month).

  1. Purchase of individual date boxes

As a visitor (non-member), you have the opportunity to purchase and have one of our previous months' date boxes delivered for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about, while stocks last.


  1. Prices and payment

All prices on the website are in Danish kroner (DKK) and include VAT.

When you complete a purchase on the website, the amount will be withdrawn on the same day - this also applies when registering for our date box membership. For subsequent months, payment for the date box subscription will be deducted on the 21st of the previous month.


Date box membership: 

If you sign up for our membership on July 4th, the amount will be withdrawn on the same day (July 4th) and the date box will be delivered within 1-4 days. The next payment will be drawn on July 21st and the date box will be delivered on the first weekend of August. Third payment will be made on August 21 and so on.

Purchase of individual date boxes: 

If you purchase a date box on 4 July (at, the amount will be withdrawn on the same day (4 July).

Payment can be made with the following payment cards: Visa, Visa/Dankort, MasterCard and ApplePay.


  1. Delivery (as well as registration and deregistration deadlines)

All date boxes are delivered to the door or parcel shop throughout Denmark, with the exception of Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The price for delivery depends on the chosen delivery method.

Delivery time depends on whether it is a date subscription or purchase of individual date boxes:

  1. Purchase of individual date boxes

When purchasing individual date boxes, you can expect to receive your date box within 1-4 working days. Delivery time may depend on the chosen delivery method.


  1. Data processing

When purchasing goods on our website, we need the following information about you: name, address and e-mail address. This information is collected, registered and processed for the purpose of being able to deliver our goods to you.

The personal information is registered with Dately ApS and stored for two years, after which the information is deleted.

As registered with Dately ApS, you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to access what information is registered about you. You have these rights according to the Personal Data Act. If you have any further questions about this, you are more than welcome to contact us by e-mail:


  1. Right of withdrawal, right of complaint and "skip"

When you shop on our website (, you have:

  • 14-day right of withdrawal (cf. the Purchase Act). The cancellation period expires 14 days after the day you received your order. You must therefore notify us within 14 days of receiving the order that you wish to cancel your purchase.
  • 24-month right of complaint in the event that there is something wrong with your item. In this connection, you must notify us of this within a "reasonable time" after you have discovered the defect in the product. Attention is drawn to the fact that the sale of, among other things, foodstuffs (the date boxes contain spirits, snacks and food, etc.), which is why the goods' best-by date must be observed.

"Skip" (for members only):

  • As an additional service, we offer our members to "skip a month" as often as they like. This means that if you e.g. know that you are going on holiday in July, you can log into your profile on our website ( and select "Skip over" next to the month of July. With this, you will not receive a date box in the month of July (and of course no payment will be deducted for the month of July either). After this, the subscription continues as before, and you thus receive the next date box in the month of August. Use of the "Skip over" function must be done no later than the 20th of the previous month.


No later than the 20

If you use the "Skip" function for the month of August on July 4, you will not receive your next date box until the first weekend in September.

After the 20

If you use the "Skip over" function for the month of August on July 21, you will basically receive a date box for the first weekend in August.


Notification of the right of withdrawal and the right of complaint is given by e-mail:


  1. Returns and liability

If you wish to return your order, you must send your order back to us no later than 14 days after you have notified us that you wish to cancel your purchase.

The order is sent back to: E-Synergi - Langøvej 7, 4760 Vordingborg

When returning, you yourself cover the direct costs in connection with the return. In addition, you are responsible for ensuring that the item is properly packed.

Attention is drawn to the fact that you bear the risk for the goods from the time of the goods' delivery.

9. Gift cards and vouchers

Gift cards are so-called bearer certificates. As with cash, it can be used by the person who has it in hand. This means that you are not entitled to have the gift card replaced if it is destroyed, lost or stolen.

If you want the money back for a gift card or credit card, an administration fee of DKK 30 will be charged.

If the gift card was purchased online, you must write an email to about this.

If the recipient has received the gift card from Dately as e.g. for charity or sponsorship, the gift card is free of charge and therefore cannot be paid out. The same applies to competitions.

If you as a company have bought gift cards from Dately and thus pass these gift cards on to your employees - your employees will not demand to have the gift cards paid out, as this is seen as a business relationship. The fact that the gift cards are subsequently handed over to an employee as a gift does not, as a rule, lead to the agreement becoming a consumer agreement.


10. Possibilities of appeal

If you wish to complain about your purchase, you can contact us by e-mail: If we are unable to find a solution, you always have the option of submitting a complaint to a relevant board in the area.

A complaint about a product or service purchased from us can be submitted to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority's Center for Complaint Resolution, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby. You can complain to the Center for Complaint Resolution via .

The EU Commission's online complaints portal can also be used when submitting a complaint. This is particularly relevant if you are a consumer residing in another EU country. Complaints are lodged here: . When submitting a complaint, you must indicate our e-mail:


  1. Contact

If you have any questions, comments, compliments, etc., you are always very welcome to contact us by e-mail:

We also welcome suggestions for new date boxes - especially if you've been on the world's best date.


  1. Changes

Attention is drawn to the fact that the trading conditions can be changed unilaterally by Dately ApS at any time.


  1. Law and venue

Any discrepancies are settled according to Danish law by Danish courts. But I wonder if we'll find a solution before we get that far :)