2 - 4 players
Number of cards 52

How to win?
The winner is the first to get 21 points. You play the number of rounds required.

Start of the game:

Each round starts with each player getting 4 cards in their hand and 4 cards being placed face up between the two players.
The player who did NOT give a card starts the round. You take turns to deal cards.

How to play a round:

The starting player puts a card from their hand and does one or more of the following actions:

  • Discard : Place one of your cards face up on the table
  • Match : Take one or more cards with the same value as the card in hand
  • Combine : Combine two or more cards so that their value together creates the value of the card in the hand. For example, you can combine a 4 and a 6 and take the two cards with a 10 or you can take a 2, 4 and 4 with a 10.
  • Build Maps can be built in the following ways:
    • Builder: You build by placing one card on top of another so that together they give a value that the player building has in their hand. Eg. if there is a 7 and a 3 on the table, the player can put the two cards on top of each other and say "builds 10".
    • Building on : You build on by increasing the value of the cards already built. If there is a 4 and a 5 that has been built to 9, you can build on by placing an ace and saying that you build on to 10. This assumes that the player building on has a 10 in his hand
    • Builds more: You build more by placing two similar values ​​on top of each other. So you can take a 7 and place it on another 7 and say more 7s.

If you build something, you must take a stab in the following hand.

You may not make more buildings yourself before the previous one has been picked up from the table.

You may only perform two actions if these two are match and combine.

To take a stab:

When you match and combine cards, it forms a suit. These are placed in one pile face up by each player. It is not a requirement that players take stakes even if they can, it is up to the player himself whether he/she wants to stake, if the player does not want to stake, he/she must discard or build.

If a player clears the table when he/she takes a trick, it is called a 'sweep' and this gives 1 point at the end. The 'Swupperen' is marked when the player turns one of the cards in his deck pile face up.

You take turns playing a card until both players have no more cards in their hand. Then each player draws four new cards from the bottom and the player whose turn it was before they drew continues. This is how the game continues until the deck is empty and points are then counted. The last 'hand' must be marked by the dealer by announcing "last stone".

Whoever gets the last trick gets the rest of the cards on the table, and thus the 'last stone'.

Value of the cards:

The cards have the value they indicate, with a few exceptions:

  • Diamonds 10 (Big Casino) have the value 10 or 16.
  • Spar 2 (Small Casino) has the value 2 or 15
  • Aces have the value 1 or 14
  • Spades 5 clears the table.


When all cards from the deck have been played, points are distributed to the players:

  • 2 points for the most spades
  • 1 point for the most cards
  • 2 points for windows 10
  • 1 point for spades 2
  • 1 point for each ace
  • 1 point for getting the last stick ('last stone').
  • 1 point for each time you clear the table ('swipe').

If there are more players with the most cards or the most spades, no one gets points for these. A maximum of 11 points can therefore be given in addition to 'swipes'.

You can advantageously let sweepers balance each other out if the game is to last a little longer.


2 - 6 players
Number of cards: 52

Start of the game:

The dealer gives each player 10 cards for 2 players, 7 cards for 3-4 players, 6 cards for 5-6 players.

The rest of the cards are placed in a pile face up and the first card is turned over.

  1. It applies to collecting combinations of at least three cards of the same value or a sequence of at least three cards of the same suit
  2. The player after the dealer draws a card from the deck, or a card next to the deck. The player's turn stops when he/she has placed a card next to the deck.
  3. If you have a combination, you can put it down when you have a turn. One's turn is defined as after drawing a card and before placing a new one.
  4. When the turn continues, the next player draws a card. If the player already has combinations on the table, the player can choose to build on them. You can e.g. place the fourth 7 if you already have three lying on the table.
  5. If there are no more cards left in the draw pile, you simply turn over the discard pile and draw from it again.
  6. If a player is careless and happens to throw down a card that matches a combination already on the table, one of the other players who discovers this must shout RUMMY and take the card and place it in the correct combination.
  7. The game ends when a player places his last card face up in the pile. The game is now closed. You cannot close by laying down the last cards in a combination. The cards the remaining players have left in their hand now become penalty points.

The value of the cards
The king is highest and the ace is lowest

King, Queen, Jack and 10s = 10 penalty points
9s = 9 penalty points
8s = 8 penalty points

Windows 7

2 - 10 players
Number of cards: 36. Remove 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s and jokers

Start of the game:

Each player must have 3 cards. The rest is put away.

  1. The report: You must report the exact number of plugs that you want to take home.
  2. The player after the dealer declares first and then the turn moves on to the next player. Whoever has the highest message plays out.
  3. If several players report the same thing, it is the player who reports last who starts and thus has won the report
  4. Whoever won the message plays against the other players. The player starts by throwing a card and the others must then, as far as possible, declare suit. If you opt out of the suit the player has chosen, you must report a pass. The only exception to these rules is windows seven. This card can be played instead of suiting or if diamonds are played.
  5. You MUST take the plug home. You MUST show your suit. If you can't confess suit, then you can fit.

Value of the cards:

Aces are highest and 6s are lowest. The 7 of diamonds is the game's only trump card, and trumps everything.

The player who wins the message gets 1 point for each stick he/she takes home. But only if the number of plugs is equal to the message. Each of the other players gets an equal number of minus points. If he/she who won the report does not get his/her pins home, then he/she receives minus points for each pin that he/she is missing. The other participants get the equivalent of 1 plus point for each plug.

It is appropriate to play to 10 points to win a round.