You are tasked with providing a delicious spa experience for your partner consisting of a foot bath and facial massage.

Hot foot bath - how to do it:
Cut the lid off the box and find the included bag.
Tip the bag over the edge of the box and fill it with warm water and possibly a little salt or soap.

A wonderful facial massage - here's how you do it:
1. Start by brushing your face lightly small strokes.

2. Put 5-7 drops of Nourishing Face Oil into the hand and rub it into the hands. Continuously add a little oil during the massage. Spread the oil on the forehead, cheeks and décolleté ( neck and shoulders)

3. Ask your partner to close his eyes and breathe deeply into his stomach three times. 
4. Place your hands in the middle just above the chest and run the hands out to the shoulders 3 times.

5. Massage with the fingertips from the ears along the jaw in circular movements with the index and ring fingers towards the chin. Repeat this movement as many times as you like until the jaw feels relaxed.

6. Use your index and middle finger and gently massage in circles around the entire eye. At each round, stop and gently press under the eyebrow in the corner of the eye. Repeat this 3 times. 

7. Place your index finger just outside the ear and press gently and softly along the cheekbone. Repeat this 3 times

8. Then start from the beginning and stroke from the ends upwards to the temple where you finish with a small press. Repeat this 3 times

9. Lots of circular movements, then shoulder and neck.

10. End the massage with a scalp massage. 


Warm face cloth

  1. Wet the supplied face cloth. If you have an essential oil, you can add it to that water.
  2. Twist it slightly so that it does not drip with water.
  3. Put the cloth in a freezer bag and microwave it for 30-90 seconds. Be careful when removing the cloth as it can be very hot.
  4. Be careful before putting the cloth over your partner's face as it can be very hot.
  5. The cloth may reheated.